D.O.P.E. Projects mission is to Develop Our Purpose 4 Eternity through various Projects.

Essentially, everyone on this planet is here to DEVELOP what we desire and love to do. What is truly for us is what we will focus on and create/further develop and it to be uniquely OURS! To be on a mission and doing what we desire is living in our PURPOSE. What we create and accomplish will hold energy 4 ETERNITY, as energy can never be destroyed, only transferred. All of these PROJECTS are dope because they’re by us and it's now our reality!

Here at D.O.P.E. Projects, we aim to help others create or further develop a business project so that people can begin to build an Empire for their Tribe that will last for generations to come. Our focus is on building a network of Black Owned Businesses by supporting, providing guidance and utilizing available resources to help create or further develop companies through events and many other dope concepts. D.O.P.E. Projects will be a foundation for anyone creating a business or has started one and needs help developing it further to be aligned with their purpose. D.O.P.E. Projects will mentor businesses by providing creative ways to build/brand/market your business; utilize available resources and support your ideas to help you with your company/business.

D.O.P.E. Projects hosts specific events that will be for the Culture. For example, we may host an event that is targeted to help our community better themselves, family and children by bringing established entrepreneurs in to educate in their crafts and sell their merchandise or services. For instance, a youth talent show so they can showcase their talents and sell their products as they inspire other youth to do the same. Another event would be us having a graduation to honor and celebrate home schooled children. These are just a few examples.

Our goal is to use Black Owned Businesses to create and develop more Black Businesses. If you are having trouble developing your purpose into your business, we can provide so many resources to help you and it will be from all Black Owned Businesses!


Services or Products we will offer:




Event/workshop development


Blogging opportunities

Future employment opportunities